Waltz Capital helps international travelers recognize the 4 toughest challenges they face when purchasing international travel medical and trip insurance.

  • Bringing awareness to travelers that domestic health plans provide little to no coverage outside your home country.
  • Eliminating shopping confusion. We know Seven Corners has the best rates and experience. Prove us wrong. We challenge you!
  • Providing trust, financial security, and peace of mind during your trip abroad
  • Facilitating international claims paid directly to providers – in real time. No more hassles for reimbursement or wrongly assuming your domestic health plan actually pays you back for claims outside the USA.

Traveling is a passion. Exploring and experiencing what the world has to offer is priceless. Protect those moments, but we recommend that you do it correctly with someone who is licensed, experienced, and cares about the safety of your trip abroad.


Graduate of Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with a degree in finance and international business. Starting his career 14 years ago between university classes, his focus has always been providing quality, cost-saving insurance designs to customers.

Combining his passion for traveling and 14 years in insurance makes it such a fun time helping customers find the best travel plan that fits their needs for their trip. ​

When not working insurance or traveling outside the USA, in his free time he is an artist and he enjoys hiking with friends and family. Also, he is apart of Pablos Waltitos & Bohemian’s Garden (Nashville, Indiana USA) – a local, organic farm providing produce to its local communities.

Erick Waltz states:

“Ultimately, traveling the world lets you tap into a next level higher consciousness, that is not only spiritually rewarding and educational, but as well offers the world traveler an experience that has no words to describe it!”

Travel the World. Be Yourself. Insure Your Health!